4 Small Changes For A Happy + Healthy Morning

Rise and shine! I genuinely believe that your morning habits set the tone for the day ahead. That’s not to say that if you consistently do morning yoga, meditate and drink your lemon water, your entire day is going to be peaceful and stress-free – unfortunately there are other factors that come into play! – but when you begin your day in a way that is mindful and reflects YOU, you will move forward with more calm in your heart.

Get an early start. Give yourself enough time in the morning to do something for YOU. Take time to read the newspaper, enjoy your coffee outdoors, anything that makes you feel centered. Waking up in the morning to do nothing except get ready to run to the office may not make you feel too great, so doing something you enjoy with make the whole ‘rise and grind’ process more enjoyable.

Get moving. Incorporating light exercise into your morning (or a more intense workout, if that’s your thing) is a great way to start the day. This is where it’s important to note that your morning routine should reflect YOU – if you’re truly not an AM gym goer, don’t force yourself to become one. Open yourself up to new ideas, but keep in mind that the purpose is to make your mornings easier and more enjoyable.

Drink a full glass of water before you eat or drink anything else. Bonus points if you add lemon. In the hustle and bustle of the rest of the day, many people aren’t drinking as much water as they should. Having a full glass first thing will get you off to a good start and is also amazing for your body.

Always, always eat breakfast! If you’re not a breakfast eater now, don’t worry about making it perfect. Get in the habit of eating SOMETHING in the morning, even if it’s just a piece of fruit. As you adjust, try to up your breakfast game by keeping it high in protein and low in sugar, and even adding in greens!



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