The Only Advice You’ll Ever Need To Shake Off A Tough Day

It took a village today, you guys.

I’ve been feeling down and out for days. I tried journaling, I tried talking it out with a good friend. I tried not talking. I tried retail therapy, I tried yoga. I tried walking. I tried snuggling with my puppy. And you guys know, if snuggling with my Sammy doesn’t make me feel better, things are not good!

I’m telling you this because I think people should see both sides of their teachers, their mentors, or even just the people they follow on social media. As health coaches, we like to show the happy and healthy side of life. But who can really relate to someone who is always walking around like the picture of wellness?

I’m not saying I struggle, I absolutely don’t, but things aren’t always sunshine and daisies. I care too much what other people think, and it seems like someone is always mad at me. I’m really hard on myself. I’m a people pleaser and don’t always put myself first, though I really try to. I get taken advantage of. My hair never seems to do what I want it to. You know, important things like that.

I can keep going. I’m three days away from my final appointment in the very long root canal process (it would have been done already, but the lab sent a cap my dentist couldn’t use). Last week, I was rear-ended in rush hour traffic. No one was hurt, but I was blocking a lane of a very busy Long Island parkway for twelve of the longest minutes of my life while I waited for a police officer to help me (she was wonderful, by the way. Thank you again, if somehow you’re reading this.). Now I’m going through the delightful process of insurance, inspections, and repairs (which I’m only half complaining about, I actually have a very good insurance company. I just don’t want to deal with this.) I have an hour-plus drive each way to the office, every single day, in a very old car that’s not quite up to the job.

I’m going to stop my list here, to protect the privacy of the innocent (and the not-so-much) 😉 Just rest assured, it doesn’t end there.

So that’s my angst and it got me asking myself “Okay, if this were a client sitting in front of me telling me all of this, what would I say?” And it goes like this: I have SO MUCH IN MY LIFE to look forward to. I have date night with the love of my life tomorrow night. I have the love of my life, in my life. And we have the sweetest, cutest, happiest puppy together. (Seriously, if you ever need a pick-me-up head over to my Instagram.) I have a super fun night out planned with my friends next week. I just went food shopping, so I have a week of yummy lunches and dinners ahead. Rumor has it, my dentist appointment is going to be really quick this week. And my boyfriend already promised to have a big bowl of soup waiting for me when I get home. I get to drive around a snazzy new rental car for a week while I wait for mine to get repaired. See? Awesome stuff like that.

Sure, things aren’t always great. And YES, we can experience days on ended trying to find the bright side again. But guys, it’s there. It’s there. Find those little miracle pockets in your day, and let them guide you out of the darkness. And if you really, really can’t find one, create one. Call up a friend. Check out Groupon for something fun to do at a discounted price. And feel better soon. Life is too short to let it get you down for too long 😉



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