10 Happy + Healthy Travel Tips

Being a vegetarian and a wanderlust don’t always work well together. I can’t tell you how many grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve had to eat while traveling, because meatless options are scarce – forget about actual healthy ones. I don’t like to stray from my clean-eating, plant-based lifestyle while on vacation, but I certainly don’t want to stop traveling altogether – so what’s a girl to do? Read on for the top ten tips I’ve picked up over the years – food-related and otherwise, whether you’re traveling by car or plane!

1. Resolve to eat in for breakfast. Upon arrival, hit the nearest market and stock up on oatmeal and fresh fruit for the room. 

2. Start every meal with a vegetable side or salad. If you stray a little from there, at least you got a good start. 

3. Bring antibacterial hand wipes for the plane and give your seat, armrests, and tray table a good cleaning before sitting down. 

4. Stock up on bottled water for the car, enough for the drive and the hotel room. 

5. Bring ginger, peppermint and chamomile tea bags. I also highly recommend investing in an electric tea kettle!

6. If you’re flying, pack a box of granola bars in your checked luggage so you have a healthy snack when you reach your hotel room. 

7. Do your homework – scout restaurant menus in advance, both on your route and at your destination. 

8. Airplane trips are extremely dehydrating. Bring a travel-sized bottle of lotion, eye drops and facial mist to keep you comfortable. 

9. Stick to a two-drink-per-day limit. It can be easy to go overboard on vacation!

10. Pack peppermint oil in your carry-on to ease anxiety and motion sickness. 

What are your favorite travel tips? Help out a fellow travel lover – leave them in the comments below!  


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