Hello and welcome! I am Kimberly Petrosino, Holistic Health Coach and the author of “The Small Change Solution: A 52 Step Guide to Getting the Naturally Healthy Lifestyle You Want“. I work with people who are ready to take control of their health but are not sure where to begin, helping them take action on their goals and have fun doing it! I am also a heart health activist, bringing awareness to the lifestyle changes that help to prevent and reverse heart disease.

Becoming a Health Coach and an advocate for healthy living was not exactly my obvious destiny. In fact, if someone had told me five years ago that today people would be coming to me for health advice and that I’d have a book about nutrition and wellness, I would have laughed at them! My journey up until this point was one of many setbacks and baby steps. When I took a moment to look back and realized that those baby steps added up to an amazing personal transformation, my book “The Small Change Solution” was born.

After college and into my later twenties, my life unfolded in a pretty typical way – job, boyfriend, apartment, good family life, good friends. When I envisioned my future I saw myself advancing at that same job, getting married, having kids, and living a “standard” life, happy and relatively successful.

Then in March 2013, around 10:15 on a Friday night, my phone rang. Life as I knew it was over. My father, the light and joy in my life, the man I had just seen laughing and in seemingly perfect health just five days before, was gone. I was 28 years old and he was only 57. It was a heart attack, with no prior warning signs. I was completely shattered.

After months trying to decide my next step while incessantly researching heart disease, I found my calling. I became certified as a Health Coach, published my book, and now I am on a mission to spread the word about the importance of heart-healthy living to as many as I can reach. If I can help prevent one young woman from losing her father too soon, I know I will have done my job.

I invite you to stay awhile, kick your shoes off, and have a look around! Find out how I stay happy, healthy and balanced. Discover where I’ve traveled and see what I thought. Share your stories with me. Learn how we can work together to bring health + wellness to your corner of the world. Enjoy your stay, and visit again soon!